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Best Bars and Restaurants in Bali

Best Bars and Restaurants in Bali


From traditional Indonesian cuisine to sleek and modern cocktails bars, you’ll find more options in Bali than you can ever hope to take advantage of.

Motel Mexicola

Lively and colourful, Motel Mexicola serves up tasty Mexican dishes in its trendy, Mexican-themed restaurant. Head to Motel Mexicola for the atmosphere, where revellers cram down tacos and margaritas in equal measure. It’s not too pricey, either!


Sea Circus

For tasty and reasonably priced Mexican food, Sea Circus has you covered. Enjoy the tasty prawn tacos and fresh mojitos!




Ever trendy Chandi offers modern Indonesian and Asian cuisine. Best known for its grilled seafood dishes and Bali-inspired cocktails, Chandi is a great choice for a special night out.


Tiger Palm Bali

This trendy venue is relatively new to the Seminyak scene. Serving up delicious South-East Asian cuisine and unique cocktails, Tiger Palm is definitely worth a visit.


Saigon Street

Located in the heart of Seminyak, Saigon Street offers a selection of traditional regional Vietnamese dishes, along with a variety of delicious cocktails.


Potato Head

Potato Head is a relatively low-key version of the Balinese luxury bar. Come for drinks at sunset and stay for the in-house pool, al fresco dining area and lively atmosphere.


Ku De Ta

Ku De Ta is your classic Balinese luxury bar. For years, it has been packed with tourists jostling for a sunbed and a cocktail, all drinking and waiting for the famous sunset. Word to the wise, come early for a seat and expect to order more cocktails than you originally planned. As you’d expect, it also sports its own pool and dining area, though these are mere details compared to its beachfront views.


La Favela

While this lively bar and restaurant is named for the infamous slums in Brazil, its decor actually feels more like a New York speakeasy. Leather sofas, rustic wooden stools, hardwood floors and a bar packed with cocktails young and old, you will not be slumming it at La Favela.


The W

The W is a sprawling hotel and resort in Seminyak and its bar is situated right on the beachfront. With cocktails, food and shisha all on offer, this is an easy win for a great night out, especially for big groups. As with most restaurants and bars in Bali, bookings are always advised.

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