Travel in the Czech Republic


When thinking of the Czech Republic the first thing that comes to mind is Prague, the country’s capital city.

Beloved for the fairytale quality of its architecture, Prague has in recent years become an enormously popular holiday destination, all year round.

In the summer the street are filled with holiday-makers strolling the cobbled paths, ice cream in hand, and in the wintertime you’ll find them wandering through the Christmas markets clutching steaming cups of mulled wine. There’s no time when visiting Prague isn’t a great idea.

But there’s more to the Czech Republic than its beautiful capital. The country is made up of two distinct regions: Bohemia and Moravia. Moravia is the easternmost point of the country, while Bohemia, in the west, is the largest region in the Czech Republic. From national parks to beautiful country towns, there’s no shortage of places to visit and things to do in the Czech Republic.