Travel in Asia


For many western travellers, Asian countries tend to present a bit of culture shock. The sheer diversity in cultures and lifestyles from country to country is a far cry from the relative similarities of European neighbours.

And sure, you can spend an entire two weeks locked away from the world in a decadent beach­side resort in Phuket, but for a true Asian travel experience, you need to embrace the reality sitting just outside your hotel lobby. To even try to encapsulate the continent in a few sentences would do it an insane disservice (not to mention make me look like a total fool). Instead, highlights.

If the aforementioned beach trip is your calling, South East Asia contains more than its fair share of picturesque coastlines. Krabi on the Southern Thai coast and the tiny islands in Southern Cambodia are among some of the most idyllic waters in the world. If you’re looking for an urban romp, what better city than the bustling, efficient and unique Tokyo? Or the historic Hong Kong? How about a trip back through time, a chance to ogle the stunning ancient temples of Angkor in Cambodia, the iconic Taj Mahal, the Forbidden City in China or even the mind-­boggling cliffside temples of Nepal. And then there’s the food...