“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” ― Bill Bryson

A Weekend in Treviso, Italy

A Weekend in Treviso, Italy

If one could imagine Venice sans the gondolas and countless tourists, with wider canals and cobble footpaths but with that same enchanting feel, then that is Treviso Italy.

While Amsterdam may be the Venice of the North, Treviso could be the Venice just outside of Venice with only a 30-minute train ride between the two Veneto cities. Filled with small town charm, visiting Treviso gives you a taste of northern Italy that leaves you hungry for more.

A tree hanging over a canal in Treviso, Italy

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Treviso. It’s not necessarily one of the hotspots that comes to mind when contemplating an Italian escape, however it is one of the bigger cities in the Veneto region and it offers much in the way of entertainment with an intriguing nightlife, artistic appeal in historical museums and picturesque architecture all around. 

One could easily spend a day wandering alongside the glistening canals reflecting the pastels of the buildings and surrounding greenery. With the tranquil vibe this town emanates and the engaging scenery, walking down the cobble footpaths gives the experience of walking into a fairytale. Stumble upon the central fish market, find cozy enotecas and quaint piazzas as you enjoy getting lost in this town full of modest beauty.

A canal in Treviso, Italy

If you’re looking for some history and culture alongside your fairytale trip in northern Italy, Treviso offers three main museums in the heart of the town. While the Bailo Museum is temporarily closed, the Casa da Noal Museum, Santa Caterina Museum and Ethnographic Museum are open for your perusal. Spend a morning (or day, depending on your enthusiasm) indulging in history and the afternoon exploring the shopping district of the town home to fashion department store United Colors of Benetton.

There’s no better way to complete a day in Italy than with a gelato and for some award-winning gelato that draws residents from neighboring towns and cities you can’t go passed Il Gelatiere Sant'Agostino. Using fresh ingredients and traditional techniques, take a cone or cup and find out for yourself why this family run gelateria has been ranked fifth out of 345 restaurants in Treviso in the trip advisor stakes*.

While this town may be the height of tranquility during the day, the old adage is true, ‘it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for’. Treviso has a bustling nightlife and one of the highlights is the two-leveled bar Home Rock Bar that takes nightlife entertainment to another level altogether. Think ‘Coyote Ugly’, but swap the scantily clad dancing-girls for topless men rocking out on the bar tops and you're starting to get the picture. Guitars line the walls of this smoky glowing bar, a beat up car protrudes through one of the upper balconies and a masked man stands above it with a can of compressed air, spraying down towards the bar patrons. Feel the blasting cool air engulf you as you sing and dance to some classic rock. Large metal discs sit above the bar inviting patrons to spend their beer wait attempting to hit the targets with the heavily indented light shades hanging low. Smoke machines, oversized balloons, and water sprayed over the crowd; it’s all part of the entertainment game this venue plays, and they play it very well. Did I mention there’s no entry fee?

Of course with the centrality of Treviso, Venice ought not to be overlooked and with so small a distance between them one could easily visit Venice during the day and return back to the welcoming medieval walls of Treviso in the evening.

A piazza in Treviso, Italy

If you have a few days more to spend in the Veneto region an hour-long train running between Treviso and Padua allows you to experience the town known for it’s high student population, fresh food markets and the Scrovegni Chapel, painted by the famous italian artist, Giotto.

With an airport in Treviso itself, fly straight in and start exploring this lesser known northern gem.


  • By Train - Treviso is on the line connecting Venice with Udine, take your train to Treviso Centrale.
  • By Plane - Fly into Treviso Airport, take the line 6 bus to the train station and arrive at Treviso Centrale Station.






  • Piazza Dei Signori: The main square in Treviso, grand and expanse, it's a definite site to see.
  • Isolotto della Pescheria: The towns renowned fish market island.


  • The Festa dei Buranelli: June 28th and 29th - A celebration of fish, this festival draws visitors from all over Italy with its display of music, puppet shows and local dishes.

 *Facts true at time of posting

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