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Cinque Terre in Pictures

Cinque Terre is one of those places you see in photos and wonder if it could ever truly exist. The image of perfection, the five towns of the Cinque Terre are vibrant clusters of colourful buildings perched one after the other, along the north-western coastline of Italy in an area called La Spezia.

6 Specific Things To Do in Rome

If you're currently drifting through the streets of Rome (lucky!), planning a trip or simply dreaming of a Roman getaway - bear these ideas in mind and you'll be sure to leave this city with a satisfied belly, stunning happy snaps, unforgettable memories and a perpetual yearning for more - you've been warned!

500 Flavours of Italy

I had my very own ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ moment. No, it wasn’t a moment of absolute clarity while getting in touch with my spiritual side in an Ashram in India, and unfortunately it was not falling for a suave and sexy Javier Bardem type while exploring exotic landscapes in Bali. 

Completing the Puzzle

‘Treviso is like a little Venice’ my cousin Francesco said to me as we drove from the train station through town, while my eyes hungrily took in the sites whirling passed me. It’s a strange thing to find yourself in a place that you’ve never seen before, but where you feel an immediate connection, like you’ve found another piece to a puzzle you thought you had already completed.