Travel in Europe


For a relatively small continent, Europe is overflowing with iconic sights. Seeing as it’s the birthplace of western civilisation, this is hardly surprising. These are countries that aren’t just featured on the majority of postcards, they’re basically the places where postcards were invented. Such are the depths of art, culture and lifestyle present across these unforgettable countries.

Explore the once­ decadent heights of the British Empire in London. Traverse underground tunnel systems lined with skulls in Paris. Weave through the monumental pillars of 4,000 year old structures in Athens. While these might sound like the stuffy outings of cashed-up pensioners, Europe has also consistently been a mecca for young backpackers looking for a party.

Neon­-soaked beach parties in Barcelona are just the beginning, with raves in abandoned train stations in Prague and clubbing in the iconic (and mind­bogglingly huge) Berghain in Berlin. Come back to Europe a dozen more times and you’ll still find unforgettable sights and experiences down its cobbled alleys.